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The heavier you are, the more calories your body burns. Everything is more work for your body: walking upstairs, doing chores and of course exercising including aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, walking or jogging. It’s like you are carrying weights but just not in your hands.

Weight-bearing exercise can help make bones stronger and stave off the effects of osteoporosis. But walking– popular because of its gentleness on the joints– isn’t as good at building bone mass as higher-impact activities, such as running. Wearing a weighted vest can boost the amount of bone mass built while walking. Running or jumping with a vest may provide even more benefit. Several studies have shown exercise with a weighted vest increases bone-mineral density in older women and improves balance as bone responds to the magnitude of the force put on it.


The ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest 8LBS/3.6 KG, while using this vest, research illustrates when it comes to performance, that using this type of extra load during sprinting or speed work requires your lower-body muscles to generate more force against the ground, and can lead to improvements in strength, power, and acceleration during running, as well as increased strength and efficiency during speed, power, and agility drills.

Riding a bike while sporting the ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest is another great strategy. It works especially well on a trail with rolling hills and when you alternate frequently from a standing to a seated position you get an upper body workout component. You can also wear a weighted vest when riding an indoor stationary bike.


  • 8lbs (3.6kg) weighted vest made for women
  • Made from synthetic rubber, a sustainable resource
  • Adjustable form-fitting design with quick-release buckle
  • Great for walking, running, and other activities
  • Ideal for physical fitness and healthy living
  • Add strength training to your workout
  • Constructed of soft neoprene material for comfort
  • Pocket to hold MP3 player or cell phone
  • Reflective strips for safety while walking at night
  • One size fits most
  • Secures with a buckle and adjustable strap


ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest helps to improve your cardio conditioning and strength training, giving you more power, speed, and agility in everything you do.

Just buckle the vest on and wear it every time you run, walk, or perform any other activity.

It also includes a secure electronics pocket for an iPod or MP3 player, reflective stripes and a temperature-controlled design.


Even if you’re not a professional athlete, you can still benefit from using the ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest. In fact, simply doing your daily activities with a bit of extra weight can significantly increase the metabolic cost (aka, your calorie burn). It can also increase intensity of an activity or exercise that would normally be easy and even help with bone density by loading the skeletal system.Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest


The vest should fit snugly. If it is too loose, it could throw a person’s balance off and cause injuries. Petite women may find a better fit with a women’s model rather than a unisex one. (Which is what the ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest is) Wearing a weight vest may cause a flare-up of pre-existing back or knee injuries. Build up the weight gradually—and if you feel soreness in your joints, stop using it for a few days before you continue slowly.

Another one problem with some weighted vests (especially the heavy ones) is that they can place a large amount of pressure on your upper back and shoulders, and for very long walks or upper body movements such pull-ups or push-ups, this can cause muscle knots in the neck and upper back, skin chafing, and even joint injuries. This is another reason why the ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest is a good purchase as it is not unisex and is designed for woman.

In addition, for very intense workouts, weighted vests can cause constricted breathing and overheating due to the heavy, non-breathing materials like nylon and neoprene often used in the construction of the vests. This means you need to hydrate more or be prepared to take more breaks. A weighted vest can be a great way to increase up the difficulty of your workout, just pay attention to your body!

What people are saying

One reviewer states: “This vest is extremely comfortable. If you love to walk and you’re trying to take it to another level, this vest is a sound investment. I am rehabbing from multiple surgeries and suffering from other medical issues. A large portion of my physical therapy is to walk. This vest helped me to intensify the experience. I believe this was a great investment”

Another states: “Really like this I use it while I’m walking and it really does the job. Glad I made the small investment”
ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest, Pink Women Running

ZEYU Sports Fitness Walking Running Weighted Vest

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