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Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package


Indo Board Balance Board was designed by Hunter Joslin who has been using balance boards since the 1960’s. The Indo Board is a simple piece of ingenious equipment that is stable, sturdy and user friendly. It can be used by anyone – although they may need to hold onto something initially! – And the learning curve can be as quick as 15 minutes!

The Indo Board is a fantastic training device used by individuals and professionals alike. The deck is a shaped wood textured deck with a slight gripping surface and the bottom has wooden ends which catch the roller making sure it does not run away from you! The deck measures 18 x 30” and can accommodate weights up to 250 pounds. The sturdy roller measures 6.5” in diameter.

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Also in the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package is a cushion which can be used with the board which depending on the adjustment of the inflation of the cushion, this adjusts stability. Less inflation means more stability while inflating the cushion to its maximum creates the most instability. (The basic difference is that deck does not actively roll on the cushion, it simply tilts offering a full circle of instability. The cushion measures 14” in diameter)

On the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package you can perform fitness exercises with both the roller and cushion with dumb bells, resistance bands or even medicine balls. Perform squats, push ups or even lunges adding a new dimension to your workout routine! And it is also fantastic for building coordination, balance and working out your core muscles.


  • Indo Board Original Training Package is the simplest model to learn balance training on. This package offers hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities.
  • The basic goal is to ride the Indo Board as long as possible without touching the ground
  • Provides a complete body workout without taking up a lot of space. Also great for Sports Training, Rehab and Therapy
  • Compatible with all ages and level abilities.
  • Includes inflatable balance cushion for alternative levels of intensity (The mouth inflatable IndoFLO Balance Cushion is used as an alternative to the roller. You can adjust the instability on the cushion with the level of inflation to reach your ultimate desire)
  • Designed for fun, the core muscles will be targeted and worked to the max on this product.
  • Great for equilibrium training, balance, and core control. It’s also just plain fun to glide around on.



With the cushion included in the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package, this helps beginners with stability before moving onto the roller.

The wide surface area gives plenty of walking space on the boards

The cushion allows for different degrees of stability depending on the inflation – the higher the inflation the more instability

There is no limit to what exercises can be performed on the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package!


A minor issue is that you do need space to use the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package, at least 6ft x 6ft or more. In addition you need to be careful of pets and young children that they don’t come within “your space” and be accidently hit!

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Another is that you need to be sure that you are using the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package on a secure floor such as a low carpet, this is better and safer for the roller and also prevents injuries should you fall from the board!

Some of the reviewers have stated that the cushion is an easier and safer start for beginners, (Which is included in the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package) and then with practice move to the roller.

What people are saying:

One reviewer states: “I’m 29 years old and am very out of shape and overweight. I always wanted to try one, so I bought it. I picked it up fast and try doing it for a half hour or so. It builds up leg strength, gets the blood flowing through your body, and is just fun. Anyway, it’s not just for kids, skaters or surfers. It just takes a little practice, just don’t crack your skull!”

“I dislike conventional, boring exercise equipment (e.g., treadmill, weight sets, etc.). Unlike the aforementioned, the Indo Board is very fun and addictive. I added upper body to my Indo Board workout by including a weighted workout bar and dumb bells as well (as is suggested in the accompanying DVD).

The reviews really highlight the fun and different ways that the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package can be used. The positive reviews also state how the Board has helped with coordination, balance and muscle strength. Overall a fabulous product that is well worth buying!

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