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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

The HRM is a precision instrument meant to read your heart rate during training and other exercises by means of counting the pulse rate on the wrist. This system is one of the best and most useful devices ever brought out by the modern science. The HRM helps in keeping a second to second tab on your movements and gives you alarms if the rate, intensity, speed or distance falls short or goes beyond the required levels of exercise.

You will find the HRM comes in two pieces, i.e. one is a wrist watch type of a gadget and another is a small device that you need to strap along your chest. The part resembling the wrist watch is in fact a receiver, which is tuned to the transmitter wrapped around the chest. Now, this system can be programmed to whatever level you need to maintain in order to loose weight, train correctly or just being in touch with what is happening with your body.

In this manner you could know your heart rate at any given time, while you are doing any type of physical exercise, such as walking, swimming, running and even skiing. This HRM would be able to measure your optimum output automatically by calculating your maximum and minimum heart beat rates and then cross referring these to the exercise you would be doing at any given time.

While you are exercising, the heart rate is the best way to measure the intensity of the exercise you are doing. Of course, there are other indicators, such as muscle tightness, scorched lungs, fatigue, etc. However, it is difficult to measure accurately when the level crosses the ‘too much’ zone. Not with the GPS system though. You will be able to know exactly when you are doing great and when you are going overboard or becoming lax because this Heart Rate Monitor is gong to tell you as accurately as it can be exactly what your performance at any give time is.

So, how exactly does a heartbeat monitor work? Heart monitors work on the same principles that an EKG machine uses to calculate the electrical impulses of the heart. These monitoring devices are made up of a couple of different components: a receiver and transmitter. For each beat of the heart, an electric transmission is carried through the heart muscle that causes it to tighten. The monitor’s transmitter should be placed in direct contact of the skin to ensure that device can find a precise signal. The transmitter then sends an electro-magnetic signal containing one’s heartbeat statistics to a device which monitors and display the heartbeat. Of the types of heart rate monitors, the most precise utilize a strap that is wraps around the person’s chest right below the breastbone. Once attached, the transmitter emits signals to a wireless receiver that is commonly attached to a belt or waistband. More sophisticated video display units can also capture the time frame, estimate average and peak heart rates, and generate an alert sound anytime the wearer’s heart rate goes outside of their ideal target zone.

Heart rate watches are the most common form of heart monitors. The device at the back of the watch serves as the sensor which then sends the signal in digital form. These kinds of wrist watches also offer numerous other features aside from just displaying the wearer’s heart rate. Some include stop-watch and lap modes, pedometers, and can even log the quantity of calories burnt off during the exercise session.

In addition, heart rate meters are cheap, simple, and easy to use heart rate monitoring devices. As the blood begins to flow, the number of fuel and heart contractions increases or lowers compared to the existing rate caused by physical exercise. Meters are able to take measurements using only from the pulse detected in the fingers of you hand in order to receive a relatively accurate reading. These devices work to demonstrate the heart’s effect on overall wellness and performance. Measuring the pulses of the cardiovascular system and the electricity an individuals heart can generate can bring to light a few perilous health conditions, while heart rates, in addition, have a direct association to an person’s physical performance. Without a heart monitor, it is much more difficult to track the performance of your heart and, not having this information puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving the optimal performance in all areas of life.


• It can be a motivating factor in your workout. Nothing beats having a machine strapped on your arm reminding you that you need to run faster.
• It is a valuable tool in making sure that you are training on your target heart rate. While this sounds so simple, it is an important aspect for any patient who is suffering from heart disease, or someone recovering from an illness. This is because over training the heart can be very dangerous for these individuals.

• It helps an exerciser to be more in touch with their bodies and heart rhythms. There are some who have used these gadgets for so long now that they have become an expert on their heartbeats. In fact, they have become so good at it that they don’t even use their heart rate monitors anymore.

• You can record your progress, so you can make the necessary adjustments to your training.
• You can make sure that you are measuring your maximum and resting heart rates accurately.

This can help you to stay within your normal training zone, which can help you avoid unwanted injuries and minor accidents from occurring during your workout.


• Sometimes too much data can confuse, instead of guide you. Some people quit early on their training, because they feel intimidated with all the details.
• the monitors may be expensive, especially if you want it to be as accurate as possible.

• the beeps can be quite distracting, especially when you are in highways and other public places. Accidents sometimes occur because of this.

• An exercise heart rate monitor can be an added bonus to anyone, although the level of improvement can be different, depending on each person’s situation. The best thing to do is to weigh how well it can help you attain your fitness or health goals, because in the end, your improvement is what really counts the most.

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